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Here are a few photos from the residency I am currently on with my cousin, collaborator, and brilliant conservation biologist Eva Dwyer. For more check the instagram @lucyengelman & @evadwyer & @rabbitisland. And last but not least, here’s a bit about us and our project:

Along with being collaborators, we are cousins from different sides of the country with very different strengths and a mutual passion for exploring and responding to the environments we have the chance to walk, swim, and climb through. During our stay on Rabbit Island, we hope to create a cohesive collaboration between science and art through the conservation efforts of creating guides and similar documentation of evidence of the islands carefully observed landscapes and its inhabitants.

Our project consists of many different aspects that will organically influence each other, much like our collaboration as scientist and artist. While on the island, we plan to identify birds and fish first and foremost and document their nesting habits, territorial traits, as well as any other identifying factors that present themselves. If the timeline allows, we hope to identify various elements of the vegetation as well including native plants, fungi, and trees.

In addition, after this fieldwork is complete and we have walked the 1.81 circumference of the island (overgrowth permitting), I plan to fabricate an illustrated map of the island to be included in the guide.

There will also potentially be several culinary residents on the island at the same time. The idea of additionally documenting edible plants of the island for the guide appeals to me as well and will add another element of collaboration, science - art - food.

The majority of this fabrication will take place in the following months so the project will be complete for the Devos Museum exhibition in the fall. Our main goal on the island is to do as much site specific data gathering as possible so we can collect a generous index of visual and sensory references to ultimately create a finished guide and map. My hope is that in creating this guide and map that blends together the artistic interpretation of illustration with the meticulous evidence of science, Rabbit Island can serve as an example of promoting conservation through collaborative understanding and representation of place.

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