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Thanks to my great friend Andrew Ranville I can bring you evidence of the show this last weekend! Here is my work, as curated by Melissa of the Devos Museum in Marquette Michigan. I love what she did with these—I never would have thought to display them like this. I’m not going to share any more details—you’ll have to wait til the book is finished!! Shooting for mid-November. I’ll keep you posed. Heres a bit about them: 

The following are several pages from a work in progress blending of interpretations from the perspectives of science and art through experience and shared observations between two long distance cousins who came together on the island. Conservation biologist Eva Dwyer of Los Angeles, CA and illustrator Lucy Engelman of Grand Rapids, MI spent a collective 3.5 weeks on the island this past July and August carefully wandering the rocky shores and densely mossed interiors to absorb as much scientific and experiential data as possible. Along with collecting a copios amount of analytical content, Eva and Lucy exchanged personal observations of the island ultimately coming to shared appreciations of place and inhabitants, breaching the often polar opinions of left and right brain favored thinking. The end product will result in a book chronicling the illustrated, field-guided exploration of Rabbit Island to be published in the winter of this year. For more information and updates, please contact the artist. 

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