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The final product of another fun project! I had the pleasure of working with the wonderfully talented master sommelier Melanie Wagner on her incredibly thorough book Hello, Wine published with Chronicle Books. Here’s a bit about the book, courtesy of Chronicle: 

This breezy-to-read but super-informative guidebook is a stylish primer for any newcomer to the endlessly fascinating world of wine. Certified Sommelier Melanie Wagner’s down-to-earth tone and comprehensive knowledge make learning about wine fun and approachable. Twelve chapters explore every aspect of wine—from how it is made to how to drink it—and provide helpful descriptions of grape varietals and recommendations that can be taken to the wine store. Featured alongside these many encouraging lessons and suggestions are 60 whimsical and informative color illustrations. With insights ranging from what makes a wine exceptional, palate-building, and enjoying wine with others, this is the perfect self-purchase or gift for anyone who wants a great wine resource.

Eat this, drink that—pairing suggestions
A list of necessary equipment—and a list of what you don’t need
A winemaking 101 overview, from crush to aging
A glossary of wines and terms, from “aglianico” to “vintage”
A buying guide, including inexpensive bottles and great wine gifts
How tos: how to taste, how to throw a wine party, how to start a tasting group

Melanie Wagner is a Certified Sommelier, teacher, and wine consultant living in Chicago, Illinois.

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